Ida Gyllensten


Ida can now be seen in the Swedish thriller-drama END OF SUMMER, a South Sweden noir after Anders de la Mottes popular books. © Anders Ahgren

She is portraying the role “Magdalena”.
Produced by: Harmonica Films

Casting by: Lina Friberg c/o Jones ICDN

Here are some impressions of Ida’s time on set:

You can watch the whole season on VOD Magenta TV, just follow the link below:

Link to END OF SUMMER on Magenta TV

For further details, you can check out END OF SUMMER | SLUTET PÅ SOMMAREN on IMDB.

Hanna Ullerstam


Hanna's work can now be seen in the Swedish crime series DETECTIVE NO. 24, where she's embodying the role of Beata Renström. © Frida Winter

This sounds like the perfect autumn weather-binge watching opportunity to us!

Some on set impressions:

Directed by: Zaida Bergroth | Patrik Gyllström

Produced by: B-Reel Films (BRF)

Casting by: Simon Borka Gunnarsson

You can watch the whole season via the ZDF Mediathek, just follow the link below:

http://Detective No. 24 in der Mediathek

Lukas Loughran

LUKAS LOUGHRAN * The Lazarus Project * BAFTA Cymru Awards

The Lazarus Project (season 1) is nominated in three categories at the BAFTA Cymru Awards. © Erik Lundback

Lukas is part of the cast on this stunning series of The Lazarus Project and is portraying The Dane.

The series is nominated in 3 categories, such as: writing, editing fiction, television drama!

All the Nominees of this year’s BAFTA CYMRU AWARDS –> Link

You’d like to know more about The Lazarus Projekt? Well, then hop on over to IMDB and check it out:

IMDB – The Lazarus Project

Fingers crossed for the 15th of October! Good Luck to the whole cast & crew!



Denis Wiencke

DENIS WIENCKE – new scenes online!

Denis kicks off his personal new year (happy Birthday, Denis) with great new scenes, which you'll find on his newly updated showreel. © Urban Ruths

You’d like to watch them right away? Just follow the links:

Ich mach das schon – Link

Entwicklungshilfe – Link

And on a personal note: we wish you, Denis, all the best for this upcoming year… may it be packed with great new opportunities! Cheers to you!

Stephanie Lexer


Stephanie is currently shooting for "Die Rosenheim-Cops", a German crime series. We'll let you know when the episode will air. But for now: we wish her fabulous time on set. © Jeanne Degraa

She is portraying the role of Anni Simböck. Obviously we won’t tell you any more details in regards to plot and crime scenario… you’ll have to wait and see for yourself when the episode hits our screens.

Directed by: Werner Siebert

Produced by: Bavaria Fiction GmbH | ZDF

Casting by: Gwendolyn Clayton

David Imper

DAVID IMPER on stage!

David is now alternating between the roles of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in the production of "Harry Potter And The Cursed Child". © Michael Stadelmann

He is looking forward to the performances and the chance to play these two exciting, but oh so different, roles!

Would you like to see the play? Just follow the link and reserve your tickets via:

Carolin Karnuth

CAROLIN KARNUTH – “Mittagsfrau”

Carolin will soon be on the big screen again: as singer Ana in MITTAGSFRAU. The movie celebrates its theatrical release on 28th September. © Jeanne Degraa

On 28th September MITTAGSFRAU will be released nationwide, in cinemas throughout Germany.

The film has already celebrated its premiere, for example in Berlin where our wonderful client Carolin Karnuth participated as well. She is part of the cast and takes on the role of “singer Ana” in this movie. Can`t wait to see it!

Directed by: Barbara Albert

Produced by: Lucky Bird Pictures | C-Films AG | Iris Group | ZDF – Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen | SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen | SRG SSR idée Suisse | Senator Film Produktion GmbH

Distributed by: Wild Bunch Germany

Casting by: Karimah El-Giamal | Stephanie Maile