On Monday, the 25. of October at 6:30 PM at Filmpalast • Kino 3, you can see Viola Neumann in the Rowboat Production MORD IN DER FAMILIE – DER ZAUBERWÜRFEL!

And Felix Phönix Lehmann you can see on Tuesday, 26th at 9:15 pm at the Filmpalast • Kino 4 in the Ralle Films GmbH Production SEM DHUL – DIE WIEDERKEHR!

Maya Henselek


It's a wrap for our wonderful Maya Henselek in the episode lead Sarina Wendel on "In aller Freundschaft"! © Markus Rößler

Many thanks for the great cooperation!
Director: Mathias Luther
Production: SAXONIA MEDIA Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH
Casting Director: Ines Rahn

Ida Gyllensten


has new showreel scenes online! © Max Alm-Norell

Scenes from “Tunna blå linjen”,
Director: Mikael Hansson
Production: Anagram

Won: Prix Europa / Silver
Won: Kristallen: Best TV Drama of the Year and Best TV Programme of the Year

Peter Pilegaard


© Dan Henrik Møller

On 4 October at 8:15 pm, ZDF will premiere “Zurück ans Meer”!
In the German-Danish psychodrama Peter Pilegaard plays the lawyer Gunwald Rondved alongside Hannelore Hoger and Nina Hoger.

Director: Markus Imboden
Production: Aspekt Telefilm-Produktion GmbH
Casting: Marion Haack!

Erol Afsin

The first episodes of “Wir” are now online in the ZDF Mediathek! And from mid-October on ZDF Neo!
“WIR” tells the story of the lives of a group of friends in their thirties. Helena, Annika, Emre, Linh and Co. ask themselves the big question in life: “Have I achieved my goals?”
Erol plays Emre and is already filming the second season!

Production: Studio Zentral
Casting Director: Karimah El-Giamal

Lukas Loughran

LUKAS LOUGHRAN in „The Billion Dollar Code“!

The Netflix Limited Series will be available worldwide on NETFLIX from the 7th of October 2021! © Erik Lundback 2018

Based on true events, this mini-series tells the incredible story of two German computer pioneers who go to court for their rights as inventors of the Google Earth algorithm in a battle against a seemingly invincible opponent. From the hacker scene in post-reunification Berlin in the 1990s to the idealistic world of early Silicon Valley and the harsh reality of a multi-million dollar lawsuit, The Billion dollar Code tells a story of a great friendship, loyalty and the question of justice in the digital age.
The Netflix series was produced by the Kundschafter Filmproduktion and Sunny Side Up Films.
Directed by Robert Thalheim
Casting Director: Simone Bär

© Leonard Scheicher, Lukas Loughran, Marius Ahrendt in The Billion Dollar Code / Netflix