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Agentur Kerstin Neuhaus
Kellerstrasse 101a
45239 Essen

+49 (0) 15224354944


Dear actors and actresses,
Please send your applications only by email with a link to one of the common casting sites.
All applications will be read. Due to time constraints, we will only get back to you if there are suitable applicants.
Please note that we only represent well-trained actors!
Postal applications cannot be considered.
We ask you to refrain from telephone enquiries and spontaneous visits.

Thank you for your understanding.

Autograph Requests

Please enclose an envelope including postage and send your autograph request to:

Actor’s name
Agentur Kerstin Neuhaus
Kellerstrasse 101a
45239 Essen, Germany

We will collect the requests and forward them to the actors.
Unfortunately, we have no influence over whether they respond.

Please note: at the moment we don’t have any further autographs from Inger Nilsson!