Maya Henselek

MAYA HENSELEK * new pictures online!

Once again Maya shows us her wonderful versatility; this time through her newly released acting portraits, captured by photographer © Kimi Palme. We're definitely captivated!

Below you can already find some impressions of Mayas photo shoot and its results:

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Sabine Osthoff

Happy Birthday dear SABINE OSTHOFF!

Our lovely and talented client Sabine is celebrating her birthday today. We wish you not only an amazing day but a phenomenal year ahead. May your heart have tons of reasons to smile, dance and conquer the world. © Janine Guldener

Not only Sabine’s birthday is today though, but also, wait for it, her twin sister’s too.

Did you know that Sabine has a twin sister?

Sabine tells us: “Since celebrating birthdays together is twice as much fun, growing older together is just half bad as well 😂”


Furthermore she allows us a precious glimpse into her personality by sharing her love for the book “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” and in particular for the following phrase:

—— “What is the best discovery you have ever made?” asked the Mole. “That it is enough to be me,” said the Boy. “——

“So simple – so clear and yet so difficult not to forget … in life … while playing … while working… in every moment.” she says.

So true, dear Sabine, so true. We’re with you. What a pleasure to be on this journey with you. Happy Birthday!


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Philipp Sommer

It’s a wrap for PHILIPP SOMMER!

Philipp has just completed his work on the short film MARTER, directed by Christian Alsan. Now he's back from this particular film set and ready for new cinematic adventures. © Mirjam Knickriem

The film is being produced by Paul Kiesel.

We can’t give too much away yet, but we’ll leave you with a little greeting from the set:

on set of MARTER

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Stefan Sauk

It’s STEFAN SAUK’s birthday today!

We wish this phenomenal talent an absolut fantastic birthday. May this new year of your life bring forth tons of opportunities and characters to show off your brilliant acting style. We're so happy to be walking this journey with you. © Karin Törnblom

Stefan is enjoying his birthday while being on a motorcycle holiday. Have fun and take care!

Did you know that he can ride a motorcycle? We see an exciting action role in his future, where he can use this skill not only in real life but also on screen.

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Maike Elena Schmidt

Welcome to the agency MAIKE ELENA SCHMIDT!

We warmly welcome the charismatic and versatile actress Maike Elena Schmidt to our agency. We are really looking forward to representing you on this exciting journey and are very excited about all the adventures we will embark on together. © Dana Schmidt



Maike is born and raised in the Ruhr-area, in a city called Bochum in West-Germany, which she chose to be her home tome once again, after she studied Acting in Berlin at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“. After studying she worked both in contract and as a freelancer at various theaters, f.e. the „Berliner Ensemble“, „Deutsches Theater Berlin“ and „Staatstheater Mainz“, where she nearly always played and plays the leading roles.

Besides shooting, she is a professional singer, plays Bass Guitar, Ukulele and the Piano, she sews and started her own little Hipbag-Businiess, learns programming, loves gardening, studies languages like Spanish and Dutch, speaks fluent English and is into various sports, like Climbing, Pole-dancing and recently- Martial Arts. Learning and diving into new challenges is her favorite part of being an actress, besides getting to know and working with great colleagues.

In her characters she always looks for a secret, for ambivalence, deep desires, abysses and fragility. Her next dream big role on set: A strong leader in a viking Movie. On stage it would be the character Lotte from Botho Strauss’ „Groß and Klein“. Maike once saw Cate Blanchett playing that role, and it won’t let go of her.


Cuirous? We bet!

So go ahead and check out Maike’s profile right away:

Sabine Osthoff


Sabine's just started filming for SOKO KÖLN today. We wish her lots of luck and fun for the filming days and are already very much looking forward to the broadcast itself. © Janine Guldener

Directed by: Wendla Nölle

Produced by: Network Movie GmbH

Casting by: Dominik Klingberg


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Andreas Grothgar

ANDREAS GROTHGAR * new scene online!

Our wonderful talent, Andreas, has a new showreel scene online; straight out of the movie “Ramstein - Das durchstoßene Herz”. Be sure to watch it! © Thomas Rabsch

Directed by: Kai Wessel
Casting by: Karimah El-Giamal, Phillis Dayanir
Produced by: FFP New Media GmbH

Curious to watch the new material? Just follow the link:

neue Demoband Szene mit Andreas * Ramstein

Julia Zupanc

JULIA ZUPANC * new pictures online!

Julia added some wonderful new acting headshots to her portfolio. Her different layers were captured on camera by the photographer © Nicola Fegg. We love them!

What is your impression of Julia’s new acting portraits?

Here is a little sneak peak compilation of the recent photo shoot:

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Antonia Bergman

It’s a wrap for ANTONIA BERGMAN!

Antonia just finished shooting for the ifs aka international filmschool cologne. We're very much looking forward to watching the completed movie, which is titled Kaskade (AT). © Tomas Rodriguez

A little greeting from set:

on set picture
Ray-Anand Bremer
Lotta-Marie Mannsperger
Helena Paulina Reiche

Biko Erki

Yakob El Deeb

Julia Bettermann
Biko Erki

Julia Zupanc

Happy, happy Birthday, dear JULIA ZUPANC!

Our wonderful actress, Julia, is celebrating her birthday today! We wish you a fabulous day; may your new year bring you lots of interesting and diverse roles, as well as plenty of opportunities to express your creative gift. © Nicola Fegg

And here Julia shares a few more insights with us and allows us a little sneak peak into her birthday wishes:

“My favourite film of the year is “Love lies bleeding”. It combines everything I love about films and series: an exciting story, strong and multi-layered female characters and a great aesthetic.
I would really love to play a role in a film set in the 80s. The music and style of that time always moves and inspires me anew.”

We can totally imagine you in an 80s movie role and are keeping our fingers crossed.

So glad to be walking this journey with you. Cheers to a fantastic year!

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