Ida Gyllensten

IDA GYLLENSTEN * New Pics online!

Have a look at those wonderful new pics from Ida Gyllensten! © Loke Roos und © Max Alm-Norell

Christian Kaiser


has new pics online! © Birgitta Weizenegger

Gerhard Mohr


At November 28th Gerhard Mohr had his premiere at the Theater Münster with ALTE MEISTER by Thomas Bernhard. © Sandra Pohl

Without an audience, of course, everything quite corona-compliant and at a distance.
But in order to reach the audience, a recording was made that the theatre will stream. For 24 hours, the ALTE MEISTER will be available on the internet via the theatre’s homepage.
Simply click on the arrow in the middle of the page.
There you can watch the 90-minute recording from
Saturday, 12 December, 7 pm to
Sunday, 13 December, 7 p.m.

Atzbacher: Gerhard Mohr
Atzbacher: Frank-Peter Dettmann
Atzbacher: Daniel Fries
Atzbacher: Wilhelm Schlotterer

Director: Frank Behnke
Stage design: Jakob Baumgartner
Costumes: Sophia Debus
Dramaturgy: Sabrina Toyen

Birgit Stauber

Primetime on ZDF!

On Sunday, the of November you can see our enchanting BIRGIT STAUBER as Mia Lundgren in "Inga Lindström-Das gestohlene Herz"! 🇸🇪 © Jeanne Degraa

at 8:15pm on ZDF 📺
And from Saturday on also on the Mediathek!

Written and directed by Stefanie Sycholt
Production: Bavaria Fiction
Casting: Gwendolyn Clayton 🙏

Mille Maria Dalsgaard

On TV!

Tonight you can see our great MILLE MARIA DALSGAARD in "Unter anderen Umständen-Lügen und Geheimnisse"! Mille is playing the Danish colleague Dr. Liv Bodilsen.

at 8:15 pm on ZDF.
And of course at the Mediathek 😉
A Network Movie Production.
Director: Edith Kennel
Casting: Rebecca Gerling (Tank you!)