Carolin Karnuth

New pics online!

Check out these great new pictures by CAROLIN KARNUTH! Photographed by © Jeanne Degraa 🙏

Stephanie Lexer


Today the filming of "Totenfrau" starts for our Stephanie Lexer in Vienna! © Jeanne Degraa

In the TV series “Totenfrau” Stephanie Lexer plays the role of “Elena” directed by Nicolai Rohde.

Production Barry Films, Mona Film,
Netflix, ORF

Casting: Mai Seck🙏🌸

We wish you wonderful shooting days in Vienna, dear Stephanie!🌼

Erol Afsin

EROL AFSIN: Start of shooting neoriginal “WIR”

Filming has already begun for Erol Afsin in the series lead role of Emre Karagöz! © Kerem Bakir

We are very happy!

And thank the production: Studio Zentral 🙏
Casting Director: Karimah El-Giamal 🌼
Director: Ester Amrami, Kerstin Polte, Chris Miera

Broadcaster: ZDF Neo

“WIR” will be available in the ZDFmediathek from mid-September 2021.
You can find more info here