AMELIE, EROL & VIOLA go Filmfestival Münster

The work of these three fantastic clients of mine are represented at the Münster Film Festival. If you are there, be sure to see DUO, ES BRENNT and HAUS KUMMERVELDT. © 01: Lenja Kempf, 02: Linda Rosa Saal, 03: Urban Ruths

AMELIE BARTH can be seen in the short film DUO.

EROL AFSIN’s  feature film debut as a director, ES BRENNT, will be opening the festival tonight!

VIOLA NEUMANN will be present with her work in HAUS KUMMERVELDT.

You’d like to know more about the different films and/or the wonderful work of my clients? Just click on the underlined links!

Maya Henselek

MAYA HENSELEK – new pictures online!

Check out Maya's beautiful and intriguing new headshots! Captured by the fabulous photographer Kimi Palme! © Kimi Palme

Curious about Maya’s new photo series?

These are just some impressions of her recent photo shoot…

…but feel free to take a look at all her online presence via our website:

Link to Maya’s profile and more headshots


Happy Birthday dear Marie! On your special day, we'd like to share a few fun facts about you. © Jeanne Degraa

Marie was able to speak at a very early age and still loves to do so today. Language and wit inspire her, just like pretty much everything to do with art. She has an eye for beautiful things, likes to paint and draw herself, and is a fun-loving aesthete. Marie loves the sea and everything you can do in it: Swimming, diving, surfing or wakeboarding.

If you’d like to see some of her work, hop on over to Marie’s profile:

Link to Marie’s profile


Erol Afsin

EROL AFSIN – WIR season 4!

Today the entire season 4 of WIR has been released in the ZDF Mediathek. Erol can be seen here as one of the main characters, as Emre Karagöz. © Linda Rosa Saal

Directed by: Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye, | Christian Klandt | Maissa Lihedheb

Produced by: Studio Zentral | Lasse Scharpen | Sophya Kallista Frohberg

Casting by: Karimah El-Giamal

To us, this sounds like THE perfect weekend activity!

Check out the full season here, just follow the link:

Link to WIR season 4

Maya Henselek

MAYA HENSELEK – new Comedy Reel online!

Maya has put together a wonderful comedy reel of her work. This is now online and, in our humble opinion, absolutely worth watching! © Kimi Palme

The following scenes can be found on the reel:

Lu von Loser (directed by: Alice Gruia)

Add A Friend (directed by: Ulli Baumann)

Die Steintaler (directed by: Rupert Henning, Michi Riebl)

Kalte Probe (directed by: Constanze Ruhm)

Maya Henselek by Kimi Palme

Curious? Just follow the link:

Link to Mayas Comedy-Reel

Philipp Sommer

PHILIPP SOMMER – new demoreel scene online!

Philipp has a great new scene online, from the short film "Kreise im Kopf". Definitely worth watching! © Stefan Klüter

Directed by Charlotte Dörr.

Often we don’t know what demons people wrestle with every day.

Here, for example, car mechanic Tobias fights against his mental illness in everyday life.

Film Still  “Kreise Im Kopf”

Curious? Well then… follow the link below:

Link to Scene

Andreas Grothgar


Andreas can now also be seen in the thriller series LIEBES KIND, which premieres today on Netflix! We'd say, the perfect weekend binge-watching occupation! © Thomas Rabsch

Directed by: Isabel Kleefeld, Julian Pörksen

Produced by: Constantin Television GmbH

Casting by: Sabine Schwedhelm

Follow the link and take a look at DEAR CHILD’s official trailer:


Julia Zupanc

JULIA ZUPANC – on set!

Julia will soon be in front of the camera, portraying the lead role BELLA in the graduation film FREISCHWIMMEN. © URBAN RUTHS

FREISCHWIMMEN is a graduation film production of the “Design Audiovisual Media” class at the University of Wuppertal.

Directed by: Nina Wichard

We are very much looking forward to seeing the completed movie and wish you all a big TOI TOI TOI for the shoot!

Noureddine Chamari

NOURI CHAMARI – on the big screen!

Currently you can watch Nouri's fabulous work on the big screen. The feature film BLACK BOX can be seen in the cinemas right now. The perfect weekend activity! © Annemone Taake

In this feature film Nouri is portraying the role of “Mystery Man”.

Directed & written by: Asli Özge

Produced by: Gilles Mann Filmproduktion | Les Films du Fleuve [be] | Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH (formerly Zeitsprung Entertainment GmbH)| ZDF – Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen [de]

Casting by: Kristin Diehle

You’d like to know more?

Link to official trailer

Link for further information