Maike Elena Schmidt

Welcome to the agency MAIKE ELENA SCHMIDT!

We warmly welcome the charismatic and versatile actress Maike Elena Schmidt to our agency. We are really looking forward to representing you on this exciting journey and are very excited about all the adventures we will embark on together. © Dana Schmidt



Maike is born and raised in the Ruhr-area, in a city called Bochum in West-Germany, which she chose to be her home tome once again, after she studied Acting in Berlin at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“. After studying she worked both in contract and as a freelancer at various theaters, f.e. the „Berliner Ensemble“, „Deutsches Theater Berlin“ and „Staatstheater Mainz“, where she nearly always played and plays the leading roles.

Besides shooting, she is a professional singer, plays Bass Guitar, Ukulele and the Piano, she sews and started her own little Hipbag-Businiess, learns programming, loves gardening, studies languages like Spanish and Dutch, speaks fluent English and is into various sports, like Climbing, Pole-dancing and recently- Martial Arts. Learning and diving into new challenges is her favorite part of being an actress, besides getting to know and working with great colleagues.

In her characters she always looks for a secret, for ambivalence, deep desires, abysses and fragility. Her next dream big role on set: A strong leader in a viking Movie. On stage it would be the character Lotte from Botho Strauss’ „Groß and Klein“. Maike once saw Cate Blanchett playing that role, and it won’t let go of her.


Cuirous? We bet!

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