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Birgit Stauber

Primetime on ZDF!

On Sunday, the of November you can see our enchanting BIRGIT STAUBER as Mia Lundgren in "Inga Lindström-Das gestohlene Herz"! 🇸🇪 © Jeanne Degraa

at 8:15pm on ZDF 📺
And from Saturday on also on the Mediathek!

Written and directed by Stefanie Sycholt
Production: Bavaria Fiction
Casting: Gwendolyn Clayton 🙏

Mille Maria Dalsgaard

On TV!

Tonight you can see our great MILLE MARIA DALSGAARD in "Unter anderen Umständen-Lügen und Geheimnisse"! Mille is playing the Danish colleague Dr. Liv Bodilsen.

at 8:15 pm on ZDF.
And of course at the Mediathek 😉
A Network Movie Production.
Director: Edith Kennel
Casting: Rebecca Gerling (Tank you!)

On Tv!

You can see Hanna Ullerstam, Inger Nilsson, Lukas Loughran on Saturday, 21st of November in "Der Kommissar und das Meer - Aus glücklichen Tagen"! Copyright ZDF/Marion von der Mehden.

At 8:15 pm onZDF

And also in the Mediathek!
Director: Miguel Alexandre

Casting: Rebecca Gerling

Andree-Östen Solvik


has new pics (© Puria Safary 2020 ) and a new "About me" reel online!

Noureddine Chamari


has great new pictures online! Photographed by © Annemone Taake 🙏