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Viola Neumann


Viola can be seen in 2 productions at the Max Ophüls Film Festival! In addition, "Haus Kummerveldt" has been nominated for the Grimme Preis in the Fiction competition! © Urban Ruths

Viola at the Max Ophüls Film Festival :

DER WALD IN MIR as Prof.Zilkens
all info here

and in

all info here

HAUS KUMMERVELDT is also nominated for the Grimme Prize in the Fiction competition!

You rock, Viola!

Inger Nilsson

*INGER NILSSON wins “Gullspira”!*

"Gullspira 2023" for outstanding commitment to Swedish children's and youth film is awarded to Inger Nilsson!

The jury’s statement:
“This year’s Golden Spira is awarded to an individual who has contributed significantly to the success of Swedish children’s film, in a category that has not yet been revealed in connection with this award. Our recipient, however, has been widely visible to large audiences, generation after generation, in Sweden and internationally. For the first time in the history of the award, Gullspira goes to an actress who, through her personality and professional strength, together with other young people, has inspired a large audience in a number of film adaptations of popular children’s books. A very strong role model for many children – there is only one Inger Nilsson! ”

Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts, dear INGER! So well
well deserved! 👏❤️

Amelie Barth

A warm welcome, AMELIE BARTH!

we are so looking forward to working with you! © Lenja Kempf

Amelie likes roles that want something, roles with punk.
As a child, Amelie really wanted to be in the Mini Playback Show.
She is involved in climate justice and queer feminist activism, and writes song lyrics.
favourite show: Sex Education
guilty pleasure: musicals and vampire stories

In front of the camera she loves the full concentration on the one moment.

Welcome, dear Amelie, we are looking forward to working with you!

Julia Zupanc

A warm welcome, JULIA ZUPANC!

We are really looking forward to working with our new actress Julia Zupanc! © Robin Kater

Julia Zupanc grew up as a miner’s daughter in Duisburg. As a child she did a lot of gymnastics and was very interested in natural sciences until she discovered theatre at the age of 20.
Before studying acting at the “Ernst Busch”, she was part of an independent theatre group in the Ruhr area.
She played at the Berlin Volksbühne and the Deutsches Theater Berlin, among others. Afterwards she was a permanent ensemble member at the Duisburg Theatre for one and a half years.
She currently works as a freelance actress and lives in Bochum.

Welcome from the heart, dear Julia!

Carl Bruchhäuser


has so great new pics online! © Hannes Caspar