Charles Morillon

It’s CHARLES MORILLON’s birthday!

Happy birthday dear Charles! May there be many exciting tasks to tackle for you, all of which you shall and will master wonderfully, we're sure of it. May this new year present you with great characters, interesting stories and countless opportunities to show off your talent! © India Lange

A few FUN FACTS about Charles, in the manner of his typical jargon and style:

– ⁠Charles is slowly getting old enough to play his dream character, Richard the Third. He is also looking forward to playing Franz Moor from Schiller’s The Robbers.

– In the last few months, he has again died in front of the camera. So Charles is slowly becoming a „Master of death“, which is not wrong as you get older. It might be only a rehearsal, but this allows him to be well-prepared for his own death one day.

– Speaking of time going by, Charles is currently training for a marathon in Paris. So you can call him at any time, just not on April 7th.

– You can send him birthday presents to Paris or Cologne as you wish. He would be delighted to receive a lemon cake.

– Please refrain from unannounced visits.


We might be a bit biased but in our humble opinion it is so worth checking out the profile of this fantastic actor: