David Imper

Happy Birthday to DAVID IMPER!

Today is the birthday of our enchanting David Imper. Enchanting and magical indeed, as he is also currently on stage as Harry Potter (and Draco Malfoy). Dear David, we wish you many more exciting and versatile roles, as well as an absolutely fabulous, happy and creative new year! © Michael Stadelmann

Today we’re also revealing a few things about David that you probably didn’t know about him:

Telling stories has always been David’s great passion. Even as a child, he transformed his childhood bedroom into a theater and wrote plays, which he staged with his siblings and relatives in (supporting!) roles.

Whether as a teenager on stage in Switzerland or later in the USA, it was always the magic of storytelling that fascinated him.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and the world came to a standstill, he used the time to write his novel “A Divine Comeback”. This was published by East 52nd Street in 2022.