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Ida Gyllensten

Happy Birthday, dear IDA GYLLENSTEN!

Our lovely client, Ida, is celebrating her birthday today! Heartfelt congratulations! May this new year of your life bring you much happiness and joy; may it gift you with many opportunities to let your amazing talent shine! © Carlotta Forsberg

Today she lets us look a little deeper into her soul and shares:

I was inspired to become an actress after watching Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet at 15. Meeting her in Cannes was an amazing full-circle moment of life and art for me.

Casting for interesting singer-roles? – please look this way! ❤️‍🔥

Furthermore she tells us:

I adore film and music, wine and flowers, my friends and family and find love and beauty in most places. 🌸✨🖤

Stephanie Lexer

STEPHANIE LEXER * it’s a wrap for LOUISE *

Stephanie just wrapped her part of this year's theater tournee of "8 femmes", where she embodied the character of maid "Louise". © Anuschka Tochtermann

Stephanie was touring with the company “Theaterlust“.

Now she is back in Munich and available for filming again.


The play “Huit Femmes” was directed by Thomas Luft.

The crime comedy was written by Robert Thomas.

Incidental music by Frank Wittenbrink with lyrics from S. Lütje & A.X. Weber.

Dancing choreographies by Lesley Higl.


You’d like to know more about Stephanie’s brilliant acting craft? Then check out her profile via:


Amelie Barth

Have a magical day, dear AMELIE BARTH!

Our wonderful client, Amelie, is celebrating her Birthday today! We wish you an absolutely amazing day, as well as a fantastic year, filled with laughter, joy and happiness and tons of exciting roles and projects. Cheers to you! © Lenja Kempf

A few words by Amelie:

i just love birthdays!
It feels like being this little girl again every single year!


Well, we hope you’ll be able to apply this spirit to the upcoming year as well. It should feel as joyful as being a kid on her birthday :o) Enjoy!


Nouri Chamari


Last night the movie SIEGER SEIN won BEST CHILDREN'S FILM at the German Film Award ceremony and took home a LOLA. Nouri embodies the part of "Herr Bergmann" in this feature. Heartfelt congratulations to the whole cast & crew! © Bernd Brundert


Directed by: Soleen Yusef

Produced by: DCM Pictures GmbH | Boje Buck Produktion GmbH |MDR – Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk| SWR Südwestrundfunk | WDR – Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Casting by: Liza Stutzky


Inger Nilsson

Enjoy your special day, dear INGER NILSSON!

The wonderful and absolutely fabulous actress Inger is celebrating her birthday today. We wish you an amazing year and are so happy to be on this exciting journey with you. Tons of luck and happiness! © Bibbi Fogelqvist

Inger has also prepared some words for all of us as well and shares some insight regarding her birthday plans:

“I am very happy for my birthday and I will celebrate with a lot of friends. Don’t think so much about the past, more about the future! I am really looking forward to the opening of my new movie “Så länge hjärtat slår” in September. And also new projects in the autumn….

But before that a long and warm summer and maybe a visit to Germany….”

You’d like to know more about her current projects and what she’s been up to?

Well then… check out her profile right away:

Christine Sommer


Christine will soon be back on stage; she'll be embodying all the female roles in Kästner's "FABIAN" or "Going to the Dogs: The Story of a Moralist ". © Dieter Hüsten

They will be performing this play at the Renaissance Theater Berlin from 10th – 12th of May 2024.

Christine will be acting alongside: Martin Brambach, Jürgen Hartmann und Jubril Sulaimon

Band: Cathrin Groth (saxophone), Christian Hammer (guitar), Markus Conrads (double bass)

© AllRightsReserved

Further information about the play and of course about how to get tickets can be found via the following links:

Link – information on play and cast

© AllRightsReserved

Link – how to get your tickets

Helena Gossmann

It’s your special day, HELENA GOSSMANN!

Happy Birthday dear Helena. We wish this exciting actress an absolutely amazing new year. Here's to a year full of interesting characters, magical moments and tons of opportunities to let your creativity run free. © Urban Ruths

Helena is sharing a few insights today, a few fun facts you would not find on a regular CV:

© Helena Gossmann

Helenas favorite movie growing up was “Lotta makes a mess”; she too always wanted to live in a treahouse. Her mother even was supposed to cut Helena’s hair in the typical “Lotta-Haircut”. Eventhough she is grown up now… when in difficulr situations Helena is still asking herself: “What would Lotta do?”
Mostly Lotta got an answer for her.

Helena is trying to go to Paris once a year: “Between tourists, cars, bikes and croissants you can breathe – and sometimes even vanish for a short time.”


You’d like to find out more about Helena and her acting work? Well then… hop on over to her profile on our website:

Marc Aden Gray

Happy Birthday, MARC ADEN GRAY!

Yesterday this fantastic actor celebrated his birthday! May this new year bring you tons of great opportunities to let your talent shine! Obviously we're a little bias, but anyways: you're truly fabulous! © Hannes Caspar

Below, Marc shares a few inside information with us:


© Marc Aden Gray

Something you don’t know about me (unless you’re my wife):

I have a fascination with real-life police interrogation room videos. People trying to hide their guilt and the strategies employed to expose it. Maybe this is why I’ve played my fair share of “cops and crims”. I look forward to adding to my portfolio of characters by playing both a behavioural profiler… or an elite, high-IQ criminal on the other side.”

An anecdote that captures an aspect of what it’s like to work with me:

My 8 year-old daughter just presented her first ‘referrat’ (academic presentation in English).
As we rehearsed it, she kept saying how boring it was to “repeat” it over and over again.
I responded by sharing one of the most joyous aspects of doing a scene twenty (or more) times: “You’re not repeating it… every time is different! We discover new things, new surprises… you’re never standing in the same river twice!”   Hmm. She may be a tad young to appreciate this, which is of course fine and natural.
But for me on set, this joy and wonder is such a vital element of the shooting experience.


You’ll find more infos on Marc’s acting and his body of work by following this link:

Mille Maria Dalsgaard


Our wonderful client, Mille, just recently wrapped for an international NDA production. © Karoline Lieberkind

We cannot share more details right now, but we`re looking forward to telling you more about it in the near future.

If you’d like to know more about Mille and her fabulous acting work, feel free to click through her profile on our homepage:

Daniela Holtz

DANIELA HOLTZ in international series!

From tomorrow on, 23rd of April 24, you can see Daniela's fabulous work in the English series VICTORIA. Here she plays one of the main characters, the role of Baroness Louise Lehzen. © Heike Steinweg

The time has finally come!

For the first time the international series VICTORIA is now being shown on German free TV

Every Tuesday during primetime – at 8.15 pm – on ARD One.


For the very impatient souls: all three seasons are already available via the ARD Mediathek!


And this link will lead you to the press release.


Directed by: Lisa James Larsson | A.N. Wilson | Geoffrey Sax | Jim Loach | Daniel O’Hara

Produced by: Mammoth Screen Ltd

Casting by: Susie Parriss