Inger Nilsson

Enjoy your special day, dear INGER NILSSON!

The wonderful and absolutely fabulous actress Inger is celebrating her birthday today. We wish you an amazing year and are so happy to be on this exciting journey with you. Tons of luck and happiness! © Bibbi Fogelqvist

Inger has also prepared some words for all of us as well and shares some insight regarding her birthday plans:

“I am very happy for my birthday and I will celebrate with a lot of friends. Don’t think so much about the past, more about the future! I am really looking forward to the opening of my new movie “Så länge hjärtat slår” in September. And also new projects in the autumn….

But before that a long and warm summer and maybe a visit to Germany….”

You’d like to know more about her current projects and what she’s been up to?

Well then… check out her profile right away: