Gerhard Mohr

It’s GERHARD MOHR’s birthday!

We wish this wonderful multi-talent, namely you, dear Gerhard, all the very best for his/your birthday! Here's to a fabulous new year, with lots of exciting roles and opportunities to show off your talent! © Urban Ruths

A few fun facts about Gerhard and his “favorites”:

Favorite film(s): movies by the Coen brothers, especially A SERIOUS MAN, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, TRUE GRIT, FARGO and the wonderful portrayal of “losers”

Favorite director(s): Christian Petzold and Oskar Roehler

Favorite children’s book: WINNIE THE POOH

Favorite role(s): the people in Chekhov’s plays

Favorite place: anywhere where there is sun and water

What else do you love? – Anything that increases my imagination.