Helena Gossmann

It’s your special day, HELENA GOSSMANN!

Happy Birthday dear Helena. We wish this exciting actress an absolutely amazing new year. Here's to a year full of interesting characters, magical moments and tons of opportunities to let your creativity run free. © Urban Ruths

Helena is sharing a few insights today, a few fun facts you would not find on a regular CV:

© Helena Gossmann

Helenas favorite movie growing up was “Lotta makes a mess”; she too always wanted to live in a treahouse. Her mother even was supposed to cut Helena’s hair in the typical “Lotta-Haircut”. Eventhough she is grown up now… when in difficulr situations Helena is still asking herself: “What would Lotta do?”
Mostly Lotta got an answer for her.

Helena is trying to go to Paris once a year: “Between tourists, cars, bikes and croissants you can breathe – and sometimes even vanish for a short time.”


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