Marc Aden Gray

Happy Birthday, MARC ADEN GRAY!

Yesterday this fantastic actor celebrated his birthday! May this new year bring you tons of great opportunities to let your talent shine! Obviously we're a little bias, but anyways: you're truly fabulous! © Hannes Caspar

Below, Marc shares a few inside information with us:


© Marc Aden Gray

Something you don’t know about me (unless you’re my wife):

I have a fascination with real-life police interrogation room videos. People trying to hide their guilt and the strategies employed to expose it. Maybe this is why I’ve played my fair share of “cops and crims”. I look forward to adding to my portfolio of characters by playing both a behavioural profiler… or an elite, high-IQ criminal on the other side.”

An anecdote that captures an aspect of what it’s like to work with me:

My 8 year-old daughter just presented her first ‘referrat’ (academic presentation in English).
As we rehearsed it, she kept saying how boring it was to “repeat” it over and over again.
I responded by sharing one of the most joyous aspects of doing a scene twenty (or more) times: “You’re not repeating it… every time is different! We discover new things, new surprises… you’re never standing in the same river twice!”   Hmm. She may be a tad young to appreciate this, which is of course fine and natural.
But for me on set, this joy and wonder is such a vital element of the shooting experience.


You’ll find more infos on Marc’s acting and his body of work by following this link: