We wish you an absolutely fantastic new year, dear Victoria. May it fulfill many, many of your heart's desires and, of course, offer you plenty of opportunities to express your wonderful, creative talent. © Sebastian Philipp

And on her birthday, we all receive also a gift: a better glimpse into her personality and some insight you probably did not know about her so far:



Two things people don’t know about me:

1) you can always tell what I’m feeling based on how much the interior of my apartment has changed. I use moving furniture and redecorating as stress reducers. This sometimes leads to my daughter saying „uh oh – the living room looks totally different“.

2) I love politics and have been a moonlighting as a political operative. So I can easily tap into this part of me. The strong, no bullshit political strategist.
So maybe there is a role out there where a political strategist is stressed and keeps redecorating her place and is a rockstar at night? I don’t know.


Obviously we are big fans of Victoria and her work… you’d like to know more about that as well?

Just follow the link below: