Kalle Perlmutter

Happy Birthday dear KALLE PERLMUTTER!

We wish this brilliant actor (talking about you, dear Kalle) a fabulous day and of course a fantastic new year! Here's to many exciting projects and interesting roles! Cheers! © Paul Steuber

And here are two memorable anecdotes from Kalle’s life:

At the age of five, Kalle was in hospital with his grandma, and since then she has always told him about, how he constantly performed magic tricks for the staff.
After a well-done “show” for a couple of nurses, his grandma told him:
“That was a huge success!” -“Well, grandma, the audience was just too small!”

When he was 16 he was approached by a strange woman at a train station: “I don’t want to disturb you dear, but I just have to tell you that Jesus has just contacted me and he said, that young man over there, that’s you, will be a great actor one day. You probably think I’m crazy.” “Oh yes!” said Kalle. “But I also think you’re right!”

You’d like to know more about Kalle and his body of work?

Well then, hop on over to his profile and click through video clips, headshots, et cetera: