Daniela Holtz

DANIELA HOLTZ in international series!

From tomorrow on, 23rd of April 24, you can see Daniela's fabulous work in the English series VICTORIA. Here she plays one of the main characters, the role of Baroness Louise Lehzen. © Heike Steinweg

The time has finally come!

For the first time the international series VICTORIA is now being shown on German free TV

Every Tuesday during primetime – at 8.15 pm – on ARD One.


For the very impatient souls: all three seasons are already available via the ARD Mediathek!


And this link will lead you to the press release.


Directed by: Lisa James Larsson | A.N. Wilson | Geoffrey Sax | Jim Loach | Daniel O’Hara

Produced by: Mammoth Screen Ltd

Casting by: Susie Parriss