Helena Gossmann

HELENA GOSSMAN * welcome to the agency!

A very warm welcome to this stunning actress, Helena! We're very eager to discover what this year will bring for you and which intriguing roles you'll be taking on! © Urban Ruths

We’re very excited to be representing this talented actress!

You’re also curious about Helena and want to know more about her? We’ve attached some Inside-information for you:

Helena was born in Berlin and grew up there for a large part of her childhood.

During her acting studies in Vienna, she performed in theaters as well as acting in film productions. This was followed by an engagement at the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern. There she played Margarete in “Faust”, among other roles, and performed with the ensemble of “Dinosauriermonologe” on stage of Deutsches Theater Berlin.

She is currently playing Rosalind in “As you like it” at the Theater Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. On the same stage she will also be portraying the title character in “Volksfeindin” (based on Ibsen) from April on.

Despite her theater work, Helena is available for filming.

Digging into the roles, making them tangible, grabbing fleeting seconds, looking at them as if under a microscope and then enlarging or reducing them… that is her passion, that is her goal… whether in absurd theater productions or through a more naturalistic approach in front of the camera.

Incidentally, she’s still longing to play a specific role… because when she was four years old she was embodying the seventh dwarf in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and swore to herself that one day she would be stepping into the role of Snow White…that is yet to come.

She has also recently taken up ballet and is trying to improve her French.