Maya Henselek


You can catch Maya on TV this week in "Letzte Spur Berlin". She'll be showing off her talent in the episode "Vorahnung". Be sure to tune in on Friday night! © Hannes Caspar

Letzte Spur Berlin (“Vorahnung”) with Jasmin Tabatabai, Josephin Busch, Hans-Werner Meyer and Aleksandar Radenković among others and also with our wonderful Maya will be broadcast on 16th of June at 09:45 PM on ZDF.

Maya is portraying the role of Dr.Djamila Khaled.

copyright: ZDF

Directed by: Florian Kern

Produced by: Odeon Fiction

Casting by: Dorothee Weyers | Franziska Harms

For the very impatient: The episode is already available in the ZDF-Mediathek via the following link:

Link to “Vorahnung – Letzte Spur Berlin”

copyright: ZDF